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Hi there,

My name is Kate Groetzinger. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in journalism at the University of Texas. I graduated from Brown University with a BA in English in 2015. Immediately following my graduation, I moved to New York City to become a fellow at Quartz through the Atlantic Media Fellowship program. After a year at Quartz, I decided to move back home to Texas to report on state politics and policy issues. I began as an intern at Austin's NPR station, KUT, in August 2016 and was offered a position as a part-time reporter there for six months before matriculating to UT in August 2017. 

These days, I cover the Texas Legislature for The Texas Observer in print. In the past, I have worked for Voces, an oral history archive based at UT Austin that documents Latino/a veterans and civil rights. I created a podcast using the Voces archive in 2018, which will soon be available through the Voces website. Finally, I have served as a TA for audio journalism courses for undergraduates at UT. Feel free to contact me through this website (it goes directly to my email), if you are looking for a freelance writer or audio producer based in Austin.